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Frequently Asked Questions


 01  Why might I need a coach?

As a business owner you have many things to do, to control, and to think about.

An Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Coach can look with fresh eyes at what you are doing and how you are doing it, what you aren't doing, and what else you could consider to properly move your business forward.




 02  My business is doing OK, so why should I pay a Coach as well?

An Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Coach can help you to rhythmically and systematically obtain more customers, and show you how you you can grow your profits in ways you probably hadn't thought possible.




 03  Will it take long to get my money back on the cost of a Coach?

We normally find that within two months, or probably less, your profit increase will more than cover the cost of employing the coach, and as time goes by your profit margin will prove that employing a Coach was a good decision.




 04  I don't have time to keep speaking to a Coach

We would only speak once every two weeks, and then for around 30 minutes.  You will then have some ideas to work with, prior to our next call a fortnight later.  That work will not be onerous, and should easily fit your schedule.




 05  What if employing a coach doesn't help me?

A Coach cannot, and should not, do everything for you.  It will also require work, and effort, for you, the business owner.  The Coach will assist, mostly by suggesting things you either should, or should not, be doing, or suggesting different ways of doing things that you are already doing.  However, if you are not prepared to do your part, then the Coach will not continue to take payments from you and we can agree to terminate the agreement.  What we can promise, is that if you do play your part, you will see a tremendous improvement in your profits and your standard of living.

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